We work on site, anticipating sign usage conditions,
not to mention high viewability

A sign's effectiveness depends on how it is viewed—from where and how far away. Our designs ensure that a sign has visual impact, even if viewed for an instant by a passer-by, to clearly convey the message of an advertisement. For outdoor signs (including the exterior design of stores), we select the most suitable materials and construction methods according to your budget while ensuring durability for the time of your use. We utilize media and output equipment with varying light-fastness and dyeability to create signs of all kinds to meet individual customer demands.

Outdoor Displays
Small or large, we produce signage for outlets ranging from retail stores to shopping centers. We pay attention to fabrication methods, substrates, durability, the time of use, media and other conditions for the most effective designs.
Indoor Displays
We handle interior coordination, design and fabrication to bring out the most of POP and display panels, taking into consideration how customers move around in a space.
Outdoor Signs
Leave everything to us: we design, produce and install outdoor signs of all kinds—billboards, electronic-pole signs, roadside signs, horizontal and vertical banners, and more.


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