Graphic design
Graphic design

Graphic designs touching people's heartstrings

We strive to offer heart-moving designs spiced up with “surprise” and “thrill.” This means more than just creating eye-catching designs. Our designs are neatly organized to clearly communicate your ideas and wishes.

We design and lay out informative pamphlets to hold the reader's interest from start to finish, stimulating the interest of readers in the listed products.
Our created flyers are designed attractively enough to catch the eye of people who might not have any interest at first, but once they pick it up they become engaged.
One glance is all it takes for a poster to capture one's interest. We employ large text and easy-to-look-at layout so that intended information can be communicated at one glance.
Direct Mail
Most advertising mail is discarded before the consumer has a look at it. To deliver live offers effectively, we create direct mails that make people want to read and save them.
The common envelope can be changed into the one which makes a huge impression on the recipient. From the total points of view we choose envelopes of various shapes, sizes, colors and kinds of paper to match the client's corporate image and type of use.
Business Cards
We design this small-sized card to be the most effective extension of your professional identity it can be, to stand out from other business cards and attract more inquiries.
As a standalone symbol with no use of words, the logo communicates your corporate (or product) image. A superior design will raise brand value.
Characters (Illustration)
We create characters of all kinds such as illustrations, animations, human models and mascot suits for publicity purposes, while giving them names and features and their families for further development of advertising. It is possible to present them using hand-drawn and computer graphic touches.


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