A firm basis for boosting business success rates

Reliable conclusions for how to market products come from collecting and analyzing information, performing studies and verifying results. Success rates improve when a business development is based on decisions informed by objective, demonstrable research results, bringing profits to the client.

Market Surveys
We utilize open data and conduct interview surveys, questionnaires, and other types of research to identify the customers' needs.
Competitive Analysis
We analyze your competitors’ competitive strength from various angles for differentiation of your company. Clarifying the strengths and weaknesses of your company's products helps to improve products and sales methods.
Product Planning
We help you set up target areas and segments based on market surveys and competitive analysis, and help you to plan products to reach those targets.
Visual Identity
We propose a wide range of visuals to set your company apart from competitors and match your targets. Visuals may include a logo, product colors, naming and a corporate character.
Sales Strategy
We offer cost-effective choices of advertising media such as TV commercials, radio, fliers, and transport advertising and prepare a sales schedule. Specification of stringent requirements directly related to your business such as product sales goals your ad budget will assuredly help you to secure your profits.


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